Cutting Edge Electronics R&D Centre

Our Competencies

We develop tactical communication equipment, complying with the most stringent international technical, security and environmental norms. Among successful results of our research and development are time and frequency transfer devices used in NASA, ESA and other high profile scientific organizations.
We also offer services in special custom electronics development including serial production implementation and life cycle support.

Unconditional Robustness


Years of experience in the industry and strong know-how allow us to develop hardwarethat satisfies even the most discerning requirements of our customers. The resulting product can withstand the most demanding conditions thanks to its flawless functionality and parameters.

We develop receivers, transmitters, filters and matching units in HF, VHF, UHF and L-band to S-band. We implement processors, microcontrollers, signal processors, gate arrays and other elements like memories, codecs, drivers and peripherals of all kinds in digital parts of our products. An integral part of our expertise is our strong proficiency in the development of audio frequency, power supply circuits, batteries and chargers.

Signal Engineering

Signal Processing

We are at home in the world of software defined communication technologies.  We master advanced technologies of Radio- and Audio-Frequency signals digital processing.

We implement filters of various types and parameters, FM, AM, GMSK, FSK, CPM and OFDM modulations, CVSD and MELP vocoders and other miscellaneous function blocks. We also work with MIMO technology, which we successfully utilized in communication solution for the first time at the beginning of this millennium already.

Advanced Development


Software is ubiquitous nowadays. We work on UI applications, as well as embedded software and firmware including real-time software on RTOS platforms.

Our standard remains C/C++, but we use various programming languages from assembler to high level script languages such as Python or web-based HTML. A separate chapter are FPGAs, where we excel with our long year standing expertise in VHDL programming and complex soft-processor implementations. We are also perfectly capable of programming of multi-core SoC platforms.

Technology of Communication

Waveform Development

Waveforms are the intercommunication language of radio communication. We do not just speak them; we also develop them. Successes in this field place us among the top R&D centres in the industry worldwide.

We dispose of proved capabilities to design, simulate and implement on real radio platform, a waveform defined from physical up to application layer, including advanced cryptography. For this we apply radio technologies like spread spectrum, hopping, MANET etc.

Stringent Norms


Trust, but verify.

Our solutions conform with many international industry norms, especially MIL-STD and STANAG. We have vast expertise with certifications according to these standards, including security certifications by Czech National Security Agency and National Cyber and Information Security Agency.

Highest Quality

Entire Product Development

Everything we do has one goal – creating a perfect product.

We have mastered the entire process starting at the  initial requirements specification, analysis and formulation of technical solution, through the hardware and software development phase, up to integration, tests of parameters, functions, durability and compliance with standards or carrying-out of certification. The process also covers serial production implementation, creation of technical and user documentation and support throughout the whole product lifecycle.

Our stability is vouched for by our parent companies