As of January 1, 2016, DICOM, spol. s r.o. has been renamed to MESIT defence, s.r.o.

This change has no impact on the ownership and management structure or the quality of our products and services. Contact details, bank accounts and identification number of the organization remain unchanged. The new company name was created only to unify the corporate identity of all subsidiaries of MESIT group.

MESIT defence, s.r.o., as well as DICOM, spol. s r.o., will continue to be your partner on whom you can always rely.


DICOM, a technology company developing and manufacturing highly dependable products for high-profile government entities in the field of military and law enforcement, aerospace and utilities.

The company offers a complete range of leading edge products for voice and data communications, precise time and frequency equipment and specialized avionics.

Osobní radiostanice
Multi-channel handheld and mobile transceivers...
Handheld and mobile sets
Osobní radiostanice
Handheld and
mobile transceiver,
for reliable and
safe communication...
Handheld and mobile sets
Osobní radiostanice
Manpack and mobile
sets for voice and data
Manpack and mobile sets
Osobní radiostanice
Battery packs,
chargers, antennas,
amplifiers, headsets,
Osobní radiostanice
Devices that compare
time and frequency...
Time and frequency
Osobní radiostanice
Board intercoms for
airborne transceivers...
Aircraft board electronics


* MESIT defence, s.r.o.
Sokolovská 573, Mařatice
686 01  Uherské Hradiště
Czech Republic

Ph.: +420 572 522 603
Fax: +420 572 522 836


IČ: 47912502
DIČ: CZ47912502

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