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PK1302 - Fill gun

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PN (RN): 2320.100.01
NSN: 5820160049722

The PK1302 is a hardware component of PK20 set. The set is used for operation data programming of the RF13, RF1301 and RF20 transceivers.

Data transfer into the fill gunfrom PC via USB (software is included with the set)
Data transfer from the fill gun to transceiverthrough connection of the fill gun connector to the transceiver´s connector
Data items for fixed frequencies:
• transceiver operating mode A, B or C (the modes have different extents of channel programming);
• quantity and numbers of pre-set channels (1 to 9);
• frequencies of pre-set channels;
• simplex or semiduplex operation selection;
• choice between open and encrypted voice, selective call, squelch type;
• priority channel number;
• codes for internal encryption unit - group or individual channels.
Data items for frequency hopping operation:
• names and numbers of radio nets for hopping operation (60 nets);
• radio net hopsets;
• HLC frequencies (hailing channel frequency);
• HLG frequency (general hailing frequency);
• TRANSEC radio net keys;
• COMSEC radio net keys.
Hardware component parameters
Operating temperature range-30 °C to +60 °C
Dimensionsdiameter 39.5 mm x 131 mm
Weight0.25 kg
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PK20 operating instructions2320.010.02
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